To those aiming to develop their global talents. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your abilities on the global stage.


New program developed by Pasona Tech to acquire Global Passport which commit to activate worldwide basis by developing  technical skills in Japan, splendid result for new graduates since 2003.
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Global Recruitment Service

The feature of this program is its employment scheme.PasonaTech will be the employer and you will be dispatched to Japanese companies which desire to work with global talent workforce in order to develop their business worldwide.When you come through the term of contract, there is an opportunity to be promoted in a permanent position.

Only the first-class major Japanese-affiliated corporations are in our list of this program . You will be able to make use of your own special skills in the execution of your duties and, depending on the job, you will be able to serve as intermediary between Japan and your home country. After your promotion in a permanent position,depending on the corporate career path, the potential for a post in a your homeland,third country also exists.

Explanatory seminars will be held at leading universities in each country. After passing through of the screening,the examination,and interviews by PasonaTech, we conclude our employment contract. As a matter of course, we have put together an educational program comprising a comprehensive range of business training courses, available during the period of informal acceptance leading up to your coming to Japan. To facilitate your smooth transition to different cultural?employment. In addition, a full-time adviser will be there for you to help ensuring successful navigation of the complex procedures required for taking up employment in Japan. Following your arrival, experienced consultants will be available as contact points for advice on all aspects of living in Japan as well as for emotional counseling, career counseling, and business training. A comprehensive array of specialist skills training is also available to enable continuous post-employment skills improvement.

Work Location Corporations in Japan or overseas Japanese-affiliated corporations in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Korea, and Taiwan.
Department Science course
Subject Area China / Vietnam / Indonesia / Philippines / Thai / Myanmar / India / Korea / Taiwan

Recruiting Schedules

Recruiting Schedules

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Implemented since 1998
Pasona Tech support has enabled placement of over 400 people in Japan

Number of corporations
Over 70
Job types
Electrical/electronic design engineering, mechanical design engineering, chemical engineering, office operations application development engineering, game engineering, SE, etc
Cooporate lineup
Dentsu Tech, Capcom; KDDI, Motion Portrait; MicroAd; Metatechno; major automobile, chemical, and game manufacturers; major system integration companies; and many others
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Self Introduction
Reading this article means you are considering coming to Japan to develop your career, which is a good start for you I believe.
I came to Japan 4 years ago after the graduation from College of Software, Jilin University, China. I could barely speak Japanese at that time. As you can imagine, life was super tough for my first year in Japan.
Visit to Japan motive
Meanwhile, work was full of challenges and life was extremely exciting. Absorbing new knowledge every second like a sponge, experiencing different cultures and values every minute like a baby, making new friends every day, I'm leading an amazing life in Japan. And these are also the reasons I came to Japan.
State in Japan
The people here are very kind and they are definitely willing to help. I did receive tremendous help from Pasona Tech and they had been supporting me in every aspect of my life which I'm really appreciated.
Japanese company cares about their employees a lot and provides all kinds of resources to help you to develop your career. This also helps me to motivate myself to work and study harder to achieve my goals every year.
My career started as a programmer. By working and studying extremely hard, I polished my technical skills and improved my Japanese proficiency. I passed the JLPT N1 in the second year in Japan and now I'm speaking fluent Japanese.
Currently I'm working for a company called Future Architect Inc. which is one of the biggest public IT consulting firm in Japan as an IT consultant, which made my career to a whole new level. Analyzing client's business, making proposal to client from the IT aspect to improve their business, helping client to implement the IT system are my daily work, which is very challengeable.
The future prospects
Japan provides a relatively fair environment for everyone to achieve their dreams which I appreciate a lot. Few months ago I got the offer from one of the top universities in the world, McGill University, and I will start my MBA journey for the next 2 years. Now I'm heading to my dream with full speed and I will never stop challenging myself.
I am really enjoying my life in Japan. There are lots of opportunities here and Japan is always gives me hope. I'm so glad that I made the decision to come to Japan 4 years ago.
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Japan is now experiencing a shrinking market due to a declining birthrate and aging population. This has led to an unprecedented need by Japanese corporations to secure talented global human resources. Though requirements vary with individual corporations, people who combine a fundamental passion for work with the flexibility to adapt to the different culture are particularly in demand. Because of our extensive expertise in overseas recruiting, Pasona Tech is able to provide all types of follow-up assistance through a total support system. We therefore encourage you to enter this program with confidence.

We encourage you to enter this program confident that Pasona Tech, experts in overseas recruitment with extensive experience, will be able to provide all types of follow-up assistance through our unique total support system.

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Pasona Group

Company name
Pasona Group Inc.
Business activities
  • HR Solutions
    • Expert Services (Temporary staffing)
    • Insourcing (Contracting)
    • HR Consulting
    • Place & Search (Placement / Recruiting)
    • Global Sourcing (Overseas)
    • Outplacement
    • Outsourcing
  • Life Solutions
  • Public Solutions
  • Shared
February 16, 1976
5,539 (Consolidated, including contract workers)
Paid-in capital
5 billion yen
Net sales
181.5 billion yen (Fiscal year ended May 31, 2012)
Group companies
Subsidiaries: 34?Affiliates: 2

Pasona Tech

Company name
Pasona Tech, Inc.
Business activities
  • IT/Internet Business,Engineering Areas
    • Expert Service
    • Place & Search
    • Outsourcing Service
  • Crowdsourcing Service
August 1st, 1998
364 employees *as of April 2013
Paid-in capital
480,000T yen
Tokyo / Sapporo / Sendai / Yokohama / Nagoya / Toyota / Osaka / Hiroshima / Fukuoka / Shibuya Office
Group companies
Pasona Tech Vietnam Co.,Ltd. / Pasonatech Consulting(Dalian) Co.,Ltd/Argo,Inc. / Argo China Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Please make direct inquiries to your country recruiter.
Alternatively, the information will be supplied at the explanatory seminars held at the universities.


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